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Gas alarm device installation should pay attention to details

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Now manyusersin the homeinstalledgas alarm,but we havenot encountereda gas alarm "lying " situation?I believe that manyusers have encounteredgas alarmfalse alarmThe trouble,butyouha

Now many users in the home installed gas alarm, but we have not encountered a gas alarm "lying" situation? I believe that many users have encountered gas alarm false alarm

The trouble, but you have not thought about the alarm is "lie" is caused by improper installation?

Many users in order to guarantee the safety and will choose to be the alarm is installed on the stove in the vicinity, so it is easy to make alarm for water vaporand no full combustion gas generating "allergy" reaction. But the newspaper

The police as installed in the kitchen, very likely with lampblack, this may alsoaffect the normal work.

So when installing gas alarm details can not be ignored. Because of the artificial coal gas and natural gas density than air is small, so the alarm installation heightis

From the ground 2 meters. And liquefied petroleum gas density than air, alarminstallation height should be 0.5 meters above the ground below. Alarm locationto be away from the stove and smoke exhaust machine, because the usualcuisine

Students smoke sensor alarm corrosion, accelerated aging. Alarm intersectionbest installed in the kitchen and other rooms, it is necessary to gas leakage.These are all in an

When installing gas alarm must pay attention to the.

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