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Smoke alarm design and installation should pay attention to

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In the market at presentmore andmorekinds ofsmokealarm,the designeraccording to differentdetectionprinciple was designedalarmdifferent,eachalarmaccording to hischaracteristicshould be

In the market at present more and more kinds of smoke alarm, the designeraccording to different detection principle was designed alarm different, eachalarm according to his characteristic should be adapted to different environments, Each one has his good points., such as photoelectric smoke alarmis sensitive to the smoke particles are larger, and the ion sensing smoke alarm offine smoke particles more sensitive.

Smoke particles photoelectric smoke alarm for detection of relatively large, when the fire in the hypoxic environment occurs when the smoldering fire belongs to,this will produce a lot of big smoke particles, the installation of photoelectricsmoke alarms are easier to make early warning of fire, when fire occurred in theoxygen rich environment, burning strong, easily spread, smoke particlesgenerated is generally small, the installation of ion sensing smoke alarm is easier to detect fire in this environment, we want to smoke sensing alarm for according to the environment to select a different and more suitable.

Smoke alarm to follow certain requirements in the design and installation of: the first is the above said, according to the needs of the type of fire detection andprotection of regional choice suitable kind of alarm type, and try to choose the right angle and the installation position, the conditions are satisfied as much as possible hidden installation, should also take into account rodent or human destruction in the paving of power wires, in order to ensure the reliability of power supply, construction drawings shall indicate the model specification standoffdetector and optical cable line, use and marked in various cable line.

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